Tim Schütz


I am a master‘s student in Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the Goethe University Frankfurt. I hold a BA in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Bremen, Germany (2012–2017).

My research interests focus on (alternative) digital technologies and infrastructures, hacker politics and culture, media and migration, critical humanitarianism, organizational ethnography as well as technology in the old age.

I also tutor elderly people in digital technology usage and previously worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Information Management (ifib) in Bremen.





(Submitted for Review) „Internet Access is a Human Right“ – Free Wireless Network Activism and the Industrialized Media Infrastructures of Forced Migration. In: McGuirk, S & Pine A (eds.): Profit, Protest, and the Asylum Industry (forthcoming). (with Monic Meisel). 

2017 Humanitarian media interventions: doing infrastructures in times of forced migration. Spheres Journal for Digital Cultures #3. Open Access (with Sebastian Kubitschko).

→ Response paper by Forlano, Laura (2018) Infrastructuring as Critical Feminist Technoscientific PracticeSpheres Journal for Digital Cultures #3.

2017 Humanitarian Modulations: Doing ‚Free‘ (Media and Communication) Infrastructures in Times of Forced Migration. BA Thesis, University of Bremen. Open Access.


2018 Humanitäre Medieninterventionen. Infrastrukturierung freier Datennetze zwischen sozialen Trägern, zivilem Engagement und Asylindustrie. Willkommenskultur in der Migrationsgesellschaft: Flucht, Asyl und Regulierungspraxis Workshop am Institut für Ethnologie der LMU München, 2. und 3. Februar 2018

2017 Wie Freifunken in der Asylindustrie? Notizen aus der Partizipationsforschung. Open Infrastructure Stage, 34C3 Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, 30 December 2017.

2017 Humanitarian Media Intervention: Doing Free/Open Infrastructures in Times of Forced Migration. Contested Borderscapes: Transnational Geographies vis-à-vis Fortress Europe. Mytilene, September 28-October 1, 2017.

2015 Flucht, Unterkunft, Freifunk? Presentation for Research Insights Conference #2. University of Bremen, July 23, 2015.


2017 DARIAH-DE DH Award
Press Release (in German)
→ Interview (in German)


2017 Beep Beep. A Hackerspace Documentary. 7′, Austria. (with Sara Rahnenführer and Viktoria Paar)
→ Etnocineca Ethnographic Film Workshop

2015 Hacking Istanbul. A Hackerspace Documentary. 22′, Turkey. (with Konstanze Scheidt)
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